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She can be an upbeat entertainer one day and withdrawn the next day. Her emotions are always changing which makes her an incredibly interesting woman to get to know. But sometimes their loved ones feel that they're walking on eggshells because of the unpredictability of their mood swings.

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Cancers awareness of their own emotions and knowledge of how easily they are hurt make them more considerate. They express their concern in a motherly way. The Cancer zodiac symbol resembles the letter Y when you connect the stars while its image resembles a crab. Cancer is the Latin word meaning crab. The symbol is associated with the river and sea and signals Cancer's ever-changing emotions.

Cancer zodiac sign meaning - What does the Cancer sign mean?

Other signs may find the Cancer to be too sensitive or even emotionally immature because of how easily upset they can get, but there's another sign that completely understands. Cancer has the best zodiac compatibility with Pisces, another Water sign. These two see a kindred spirit in one another and likely to get along quickly.

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Cancer gives Pisces some structure, and Pisces offers Cancer their emotional support. These signs understand how great a kind word can be. And how painful thoughtless actions can affect other people. Although these two seem like a match made in heaven, they do have their problems. When life gets hard, these two may not face their issues.

If life gets the better of them, they can be stuck in depression, and even resort to more dangerous means of escaping from reality.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Characteristics and Personality Traits

Any career that lets Cancer work hard and deals with home life is ideal for them. Cancers are naturally family-oriented — they can be great nutritionists and realtors, and basically any position that lets them use their people skills while improving other peoples lives. Their management, organization, and listening skills make them excellent caterers and domestic agency owners. Jamille Jones is a freelance writer who taught English in Hiroshima, Japan for 2 years. She's an Asian culture enthusiast, chocolate addict, video gamer, and loves to teach for the heck of it.

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Cancers will spend a lot of money decorating their homes and filling them with all the things that give them comfort and make them feel secure. Cancers are happiest when they're sharing their love for something, like writing or poetry , with those around them. They tend to have a strong creative force, one that involves them with the arts in some capacity, and they take great pleasure in expressing themselves creatively. Cancers are excellent providers and diligent workers. They work best when left on their own without anyone trying to micro-manage their workload. Most Cancers treat their jobs much the same way as they do their homes.

They are protective of their job status and often hold managerial positions. They expect loyalty, and they treat their employees like family. Cancers will give a sympathetic ear to a co-worker as long as the problem doesn't threaten their own job security.

Cancer Horoscope Truth, Cancer Personality, Astrology

Every sign has a few negative traits, and for Cancer, bad traits are no exception. How strongly these traits are expressed has a lot to do with the other aspects of an individual's chart. Cancers need to express their feelings without fear of rebuke. Shy Cancers are deathly afraid of being rejected, so if they feel that there's even the slightest chance that will happen, they'll immediately pull back into their shells. One of the less fortunate personality traits of Cancer is they can become resentful and petulant rather quickly.

Cancer Sign Traits Overview

If they feel they've been slighted in some way whether real or imagined , they'll likely let the resentment they feel build up inside until it finally explodes. The trouble is that nearly anything can make them feel resentful. They have incredibly fertile imaginations, and when they are not using this creativity in a productive manner, they can sometimes use these talents destructively.

Simply put, it's very difficult to please Cancers at all times. The best you can do is to wait until they snap out of it and return to normal. If you ever fall from Cancer's good graces, you may never be forgiven. You may not even know what you said or did, but one thing is certain; when that door slams behind you, it will likely never be opened again.

You could spend years replaying your last conversation in an effort to understand what went wrong.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

Don't bother. You can never unravel the complexity of Cancer's emotional makeup. Taking a deeper look into Cancer's psyche reveals even more about this sign. Like Cancer's symbol , the crab, there's a softness beneath their shell that's worth exploring.

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All the various characteristics of Cancer can make these people quite a handful to deal with. Try to be careful with your words and be supportive of the Cancer person in your life. It may take more work to maintain the relationship, but Cancer's positive traits make it worth the effort. All Rights Reserved.